Use a kitchen timer if you are forgetful about food cooking in the stove/oven

If you are sometimes forgetful about food cooking in the stove or cookies being baked in oven, get yourself a kitchen timer or any form of timer. These kitchen timers are relatively inexpensive but they could save you from a potential hazardous situation.  Imagine if you left the kettle of water boiling or making a [...]

Buying and storing fresh vegetables in your fridge

It is so much more healthier to prepare and cook your own vegetables at home. We cannot be sure how clean the vegetables outside – are the vegetables washed frequently? As well as food additives like MSG, too much salt/sugar/oil are used to make the food taste better. The oil used (often recycled oil from [...]

Clip opened packages and unfinished 3-in-1 coffee and tea using binder clips

Binder clips to keep packages in place

What do you do with opened packages such as 3-in-1 beverages and other packaged snacks and dry food? For dry food such as oats, rice and spaghetti, you can pour them into an air tight plastic containers. A friend of mine use expensive clips to clip the packages together. But how about smaller packets like [...]

How to keep your pots, pans, canfood and kitchen utensils away from rats and bugs

If you watch organizing videos in YouTube, you would find that the houses are in clean conditions and items such as pots and pans, kitchenware, utensils, can food, baking products can be safely stored inside an organized kitchen cabinets. This method works well if a person’s house does not have any rats, cockroach, lizards and [...]