How to manage the massive amount of clothes that you have


In these past few years, decluttering and minimalism are often the talk of sites and social media. Tonnes of videos are made to teach folks how to declutter the massive amount of clothings that they have. But how about those who have massive, HUGE collection of clothes that they absolutely love and cannot bear to [...]

How to Organize Newspaper or Magazine articles that you wish to read later


Often when we read the newspaper or magazine, we may come across some interesting, thought provoking or memorable articles that we wish to keep for reading later. How could we preserve and store these articles? My older organization methods of newspaper articles: I grew up reading newspaper as we had the papers delivered to our [...]

Ways to encourage usage of recycle bags instead of plastic bags


Recently, Animal Planet featured an interesting case study on how to get people to use recycle bags instead of plastic bags at grocery store checkout counters. At first, someone dressed in a costume made of plastic bags all tied up together to show to the customers the impact on how plastic bags literally cluttered up [...]

How to repurpose an old diary or planner


You may have an old diary or even a  planner that is lying around and that you have not used for the year. Or perhaps you have just used for a few pages but later abandoned it in favour of another diary. We would be heading to a new year and seeing the unused diary [...]

Should you maintain the garden yourself or outsource the work?


If you have a huge garden- should you be doing your own gardening or outsourcing the work to paid help such as gardeners or general workers? The decision whether to manage the garden yourself and if you do, the type of skills required depends on a few factors such as: 1. How big is your [...]

Overgrown and messy garden attracts bad energies/ entities


This article may be a bit spooky, hence I leave it up to you to believe it or not…. Years ago, I was told by a spiritual master that my garden had wandering spirits occupying it because my garden was overgrown with weeds, was messy and unkempt. Due to its unkempt nature, the spirits did [...]

Organizing tasks at work- to use a diary with daily dates or other alternatives?


When I was young, the only type of diaries we have available are those with dates. They come in all sizes ranging from pocket size, medium, A5, B5 and A4. However, these diaries or organizers as they would call it would be dated. As time goes by, I am noticing the increasing trend of a [...]

How to keep your pots, pans, canfood and kitchen utensils away from rats and bugs


If you watch organizing videos in YouTube, you would find that the houses are in clean conditions and items such as pots and pans, kitchenware, utensils, can food, baking products can be safely stored inside an organized kitchen cabinets. This method works well if a person’s house does not have any rats, cockroach, lizards and [...]

Should You Use a Physical Photo Albums or Digital Frame


If you have photos that you would really like to share with others, should you display them in a photo album or a digital frame? I have the same dilemma recently- I had embarked on a photo album project where I want to showcase sequence leading on to a successful opening of a place. It [...]

Should you plant your flowers on pots or in the ground?


In recent months, I have been spending considerable amount of time in my garden….trying to keep the weeds from growing under control. About 2 months ago, I cleared out my pandan patch (throw out the old rotting roots) and transferring them to flower pots. I also started transferring most of the flowers into flower pots. [...]