How to store away extra clothes hanger and clothes pegs

Store away clothes hanger

Extra clothes hangers can be notoriously hard to organize and keep. Reason being is that they tend to go all out in different directions. If you just try to stack them up, at the slightest movement the hangers would all move out of position. Usually you would find yourself with a lot of surplus of [...]

Spring cleaning- to do all at once or break down the tasks?

What is your style when it comes to cleaning? Do you prefer to do all at once…. often waiting until absolute last minute when you cannot delay any further? Or do you break down into smaller manageable tasks? You can roughly know your own style- consistent or last minute by the following ways you prefer [...]

How to store bedsheets and pillow covers in your guest rooms

Store pillow case, bedsheet and blanket in a lesser occupied room

Let’s say you have some space rooms which you use as guest rooms. Or you run a simple B&B (bed and breakfast) in out of town that does not have an extremely high occupancy rate…. yet. Or your place is located close to natural surroundings such as forest and mountains and sometimes will have saw [...]

How we wash, dry and store our dishes/plates/pots

Storing pots and pans

I stay in a place where we have about 10 people. Sometimes with visitors, the number can go right up to more than 10 or even 20 people. However, we keep things simple, washing, drying and storing away our dishes frequently. Washing dishes, pots and pans If you cook in your home, there are a [...]

Kitchen cabinets/storage- concrete, wood or portable?

Kitchen storage using brick, cement and tiles

A lot of storage space are required with it comes to storing items in the kitchen. There are now a lot of options available to choose from when it comes to designing storage spaces: build in (either wood or brick kitchen cabinets) or portable ones. Building the kitchen storage compartments using brick and mortar would [...]

How to Organize Your Plastic Containers

I am inspired by many videos in Youtube on organizing items in one’s home.  Many would teach to organize plastic containers in kitchen cabinets. However, not many people can openly keep their containers in kitchen cabinets as they may be creepy crawlies like lizard, rats and cockroaches that may find a suitable home. Homes located [...]

Buying and storing fresh vegetables in your fridge

It is so much more healthier to prepare and cook your own vegetables at home. We cannot be sure how clean the vegetables outside – are the vegetables washed frequently? As well as food additives like MSG, too much salt/sugar/oil are used to make the food taste better. The oil used (often recycled oil from [...]

How to store your bed sheets, pillow cases and beddings

When I was young, my mom would store washed bed sheets in shelf at the cupboard. There was no systematic lines for folding and dividing the items. So when someone went to the shelf to rummage through something, the whole place becomes a huge mess. And then, as it was an old wooden cupboard, some [...]