How to wash a stack of dirty dishes and pots

Systematically wash dishes, pots and pans

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you see a huge stack of dirty dishes and cooking utensils. But it need not be overwhelming. Here is now to systematically wash all the plates, pots and pans. First, superficially remove all the grease and food from the plate using water or light soap with a sponge [...]

Batching Tasks vs Doing Individually- which one is better?

Do you do your ironing and laundry all at once or daily basis?Do you cook every meal fresh or batch cook your meals?Do you complete the tasks require for a blog post one by one or you batch produce your work?When we examine further, we may find our approach may differ with each aspect of [...]

Finding Joy in Mundane Tasks like cleaning and housework

It is quite rare to be born with a natural liking for cleaning, washing and doing housework. For most people, it is something that needed to be done out of necessity. If you find yourself suddenly stuck with these tasks and have a genuine dislike for these task, well my friend, you are truly not [...]

Spring cleaning- to do all at once or break down the tasks?

What is your style when it comes to cleaning? Do you prefer to do all at once…. often waiting until absolute last minute when you cannot delay any further? Or do you break down into smaller manageable tasks? You can roughly know your own style- consistent or last minute by the following ways you prefer [...]

How I mop the floor

What I use to mop the floor

I have taken over the task of mopping the floor of my home for a few years. It is not a task that I particularly enjoy doing. However the satisfaction and comfort of having a clean floor for my family overrides my initial adversion towards mopping thhe floor. Eventually after a few weeks of mopping, [...]

How we wash, dry and store our dishes/plates/pots

Storing pots and pans

I stay in a place where we have about 10 people. Sometimes with visitors, the number can go right up to more than 10 or even 20 people. However, we keep things simple, washing, drying and storing away our dishes frequently. Washing dishes, pots and pans If you cook in your home, there are a [...]

Dish wash soap effective for floor rags and hand towels

Do you find that using soap powder is ineffective when it comes to washing floor rags and hand towels? You may be tempted to switch to more expensive liquid detergent in order to clean better. I have recently discovered that we can clean just as effectively using the humble dish wash liquid soap as with [...]