Clip opened packages and unfinished 3-in-1 coffee and tea using binder clips

What do you do with opened packages such as 3-in-1 beverages and other packaged snacks and dry food?

For dry food such as oats, rice and spaghetti, you can pour them into an air tight plastic containers.

A friend of mine use expensive clips to clip the packages together.

But how about smaller packets like 3-in-1 milo, coffee or tea or an opened bag of potato chips?

The simple and inexpensive solution is to use binder clips- the kind that are widely available from stationery stores:

Binder clips to keep packages in place

These binder clips are inexpensive and you can buy a container of them at discounted price.

With these clips attached together, I am able to take my pre-mixed packet when I am going out (not all places serve coffee that I like and some of my friends do not drink coffee so I actually bring along my own coffee). If I wish to have a hot drink, I just order a hot cup of water and pour my packet drinks.

Often I do not finish one packet in a sitting. I would then fold the packet and bind the unfinished contents in the packet using a binder clip.

Binder clip to hold my unfinished drinks together

Note: The green binder clip above looks a little old as I have been using it for more than 5 years to clip the packages together.

If I do not bring along anything to bind them, I would tend to finish the whole packet – which the calories does add up.

When I travelled to Thailand in the past, I would always bring along my own 3-in-1 coffee because somehow I do not like the taste of 3-in-1 coffee sold in Thailand. If I go about 10 days, I would bring about 15 packets with me which I store nicely in a mesh bag together with a binder clip. Each time I do not finish the packet I would just bind them with the clip.

Also I have found that other items like rubber bands or strings does not bind the packet securely enough. If you fold the packet and then clip with the binder, it gets quite secured.

Even if at home, I would bind the packages together and it has prevented ants and other bugs from getting into the contents of the package.


I also do not pour and store in a container because:

  • the powder may harden at the slightest exposure to air
  • I would have to wash the containers after using (lazy lazy, hee hee)



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