To Turn OFF Tap is Clockwise direction | Turn ON is Anticlockwise

The standard direction to TURN ON on the tap or faucet is ANTICLOCKWISE. If you wish to TURN OFF or CLOSE the tap or faucet, the direction is CLOCKWISE. This is also applicable to most jars, water bottles, containers, etc. So the next time if you forget, you can try turning the cap of your [...]

How to wash a stack of dirty dishes and pots

Systematically wash dishes, pots and pans

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you see a huge stack of dirty dishes and cooking utensils. But it need not be overwhelming. Here is now to systematically wash all the plates, pots and pans. First, superficially remove all the grease and food from the plate using water or light soap with a sponge [...]

How we wash, dry and store our dishes/plates/pots

Storing pots and pans

I stay in a place where we have about 10 people. Sometimes with visitors, the number can go right up to more than 10 or even 20 people. However, we keep things simple, washing, drying and storing away our dishes frequently. Washing dishes, pots and pans If you cook in your home, there are a [...]

Organize your food serving style to suit different tastebuds

Serving salad

I have high respect for any cook in a family- because the cook would need to take into consideration the individual taste and preference of each person when it comes to cooking the dishes. It is impossible to please everyone especially when you live in a big family. And it would be overwhelming and not [...]

Jot down your mom’s recipe…even though you hate cooking

Almost 20 years ago when my mother was undergoing radiotherapy for her tonsil cancer, it was decided that I would take over the cooking. She was too weak from the treatment to be able to continue to cook. The situation then also looked very grim as it was as if she wanted to pass down [...]

Kitchen cabinets/storage- concrete, wood or portable?

Kitchen storage using brick, cement and tiles

A lot of storage space are required with it comes to storing items in the kitchen. There are now a lot of options available to choose from when it comes to designing storage spaces: build in (either wood or brick kitchen cabinets) or portable ones. Building the kitchen storage compartments using brick and mortar would [...]

Alternative Uses of a Cardboard Egg Holder

Uses for egg holder

I usually would buy about 30 eggs at one go. The eggs would be packed in a cardboard egg holder that is made for 30 eggs similar to the picture below: Usually I would be given two cardboard boxes- one on top and another at the bottom to cover up the eggs and tied securely [...]