Automatic Washing Machines- why the less sophisticated, the better

So far, I have used a few types of washing machines- semi automatic and automatic machines. For automatic washing machines, I have used the older models (about 20 years) and the newer ones with lots of bells and whistles. In my opinion, if you are buying a washing machine, it is better to get an [...]

Harnessing from the Sun to brighten up your home | Long term savings

There are fixtures that you can take into consideration during renovation that can help to brighten up your home.If your home is dim, then there are more long term costs that you would need to spend on lighting.The following are 3 things we have implemented that really help to save cost on long term basis. [...]

Possible Dangers in Antiques

Each piece of antique carries with it a different kind of energy. Usually there is a strange and mysterious vibe that comes with each item. Usually I would advice against acquiring any antiques to decorate your home, office or business. Unless you know the history behind the antique or it is a heirloom left over [...]

Do NOT sit with your back facing the door

You may be doing some reorganization of your living area and working room. When you are rearranging the furniture for your study or working room, take care to ensure your back is not facing the door. Especially if you are the sole breadwinner of the family and the room is used for you to do [...]

Finding Joy in Mundane Tasks like cleaning and housework

It is quite rare to be born with a natural liking for cleaning, washing and doing housework. For most people, it is something that needed to be done out of necessity. If you find yourself suddenly stuck with these tasks and have a genuine dislike for these task, well my friend, you are truly not [...]

Alternative Uses of a Cardboard Egg Holder

Uses for egg holder

I usually would buy about 30 eggs at one go. The eggs would be packed in a cardboard egg holder that is made for 30 eggs similar to the picture below: Usually I would be given two cardboard boxes- one on top and another at the bottom to cover up the eggs and tied securely [...]

How to Organize Your Plastic Containers

I am inspired by many videos in Youtube on organizing items in one’s home.  Many would teach to organize plastic containers in kitchen cabinets. However, not many people can openly keep their containers in kitchen cabinets as they may be creepy crawlies like lizard, rats and cockroaches that may find a suitable home. Homes located [...]

How to cook and store food for your pet dogs in advance

We give a combination of cooked food and dog biscuits for our pet dogs. There was a time when my schedule got a little busy and I did not have time to cook food for them- and resorted to giving them only dog biscuits. However about a month later, I reverted again to cooking their [...]