Are you someone who is trying your best to create some order amidst that chaos that is surrounding you?

Welcome to this humble little blog, where I include methods I use to organize, store and clean my surroundings. I am not a person who naturally like to organize and clean things. As such, I always try to use methods that can minimize the need to clean.

I have spent a considerable amount of time researching by reading books and blogs plus watching hours and hours of YouTube videos. At first, I was a little intimidated by the picture perfect settings that I see in most videos or books written by naturally organized persons.  It was hard to follow most of the systems that they have taught.

In the end, I came up with my own methods of storing and organizing stuff that are as ‘low maintenance’ as possible. Many videos would teach you how to organize things in your kitchen cabinets and how to arrange your packaged food, baking items, etc.

But in my home, if I were to leave it kitchen cabinets, the ants, bugs and occasionally rats may get to them. It is not that my home is dirty but we are in an older housing area hence a lot of the facilities like drains and structure are a little old so naturally there would be roaches and rats. If I do not manage the food stuff in my home, I may end up attracting them to make a nest in my home!

I was unable to get a lot of methods taught  in the videos to work- hence I use plastic containers to store them and put them nicely in my kitchen cabinet. It works for me and I need not take out the items to wipe or open my kitchen cabinet to see some nasty surprises.

In this blog, there are what you would find…. most of the methods that are personally used by me.

About me

My name is Yin Teing. I am a full time caregiver, blogger and unpaid housekeeper. To achieve a better balance and find time to focus on priorities that truly matters, I try to find various ways where I am able to minimize the time that I need to spend on cleaning. I would try to include some of my methods and ‘discoveries’ in this blog.

Hopefully some of my methods would be helpful to you as well.


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