How to wash a stack of dirty dishes and pots

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you see a huge stack of dirty dishes and cooking utensils. But it need not be overwhelming. Here is now to systematically wash all the plates, pots and pans.

Systematically wash dishes, pots and pans

First, superficially remove all the grease and food from the plate using water or light soap with a sponge or hands. If you washing a huge amount of dishes, you may want to wear gloves and use a washing brush to wash:

Systematically wash dishes, pots and pans

This would make it easier to clean and the dishes would not smell. As you are removing the grease and food leftovers, stack the same type together.

When they are stacked together, the task would no longer look so overwhelming. The next thing is to apply dishwasher detergent with a sponge. We usually use the sponge from Scotch Brite as it is more durable and does not lose its texture as quick as other sponges.

Systematically wash dishes, pots and pans

They should stack based on similar shape and sizes. Example plates and bowls are piled separately from the largest to the smallest.

I usually stack some below the pipe so that when I am washing, the water would help partially rinse off the soap on the dish or plate below.

Just wash one by one in a rhythmic way. When I was younger, I really dislike washing dishes but now that I doing this task often enough, I use the time, just like when I am mopping as a slow relaxing and meditation time. I try to be aware of my breath and relax my body and mind. No rushing, no feeling overwhelmed.

At other times, I would turn on the YouTube app on my phone and listen to my favourite channels when I am working on the tasks. Most of the time it is educational videos with advice on areas of life that I wish to improve on.

To me, I no longer feel it is a waste of time to wash dishes or other seemingly mundane tasks.

Systematically wash dishes, pots and pans

After that, I would place the dishes neatly in a drying rack. Again, similar items need to be arranged together so that the space is better used and it would be easier to take them later for storage. For fork and spoons, it is easier to place them on a holder.

Sometimes the washed dishes would be wiped and stored away immediately when they are being washed. But most of the time, I would go off and do something else. By the time I return a few hours later, the dishes would been almost dry and can be just stored away with a little wipe.

Note: For those who have to do the cooking….and washing….and wiping….and everything without much help, or they have a small kitchen space, they have find it easier to just wash as they cook. For example while waiting for the soup to be boiled, they would be doing the washing up so that it is not so overwhelming.

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