Using baskets to organize your desk and space

Our desks are often filled with small items like post-it notes, stationery, notebooks and planners. Left to their own devices, the mess on our table and workdesk can easily spiral out of control looking like a cluttered mess as per below:

Organize with baskets- before

Well, there are days that my desk look worse than what you seen above. If you notice, the size of my workdesk is small now and I try to keep things that I use often on my desk. Often I work on my blogs either in between small pockets of time or at night before I sleep. If my work is during at night, by the time I sign off my laptop I would be too tired to tidy things up.

It seemed that a little mess would easily end up attracting even more mess…almost like a viral mess infection. In no time, little things add up.

As you would have known by now, I am not a person who is born organized. I am like the creative messy person. If you are like me, you may be able to keep the chaos from building up through the system of containing the items in a container…preferably clear containers to enable you to see what’s inside.

But at the moment, I am on a budget so instead of buying more containers, I look around for what I can make use off. I found some un-used plastic baskets:

Organize with baskets

I took one plastic basket and placed mainly notebooks, my spectacle case and my monthly planners in front of my laptop. The end result looked like below:

Organize with baskets- after

You may replace with any containers that you can find that fits into your desk space. After the simple act of placing the baskets, I find that I am able to keep my workspace tidy most of the time because some of the items that can easily become a mess become tidy once they are being contained. Sometimes, we really don’t need expensive containers to keep things tidy and organized.

A clean and tidy workspace makes a lot of different to one’s creative thought process and productivity. Sometimes I carry my laptop to other places to work and noticed that I would write best when the surface is clutter free.

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