How to organize tissue papers in your purse

For a long time, I have to carry more than normal tissue paper in my carry on bag or purse when I go out. When I was working in corporate, I would get bouts of unexplained explosive sinus- hence I would always need to keep a lot of tissues handy with me (and I would have a tissue box of tissues in the drawer of my desk and in my car).

After I left my corporate job, the explosive sinus disappeared but then the reason I left my job was to look after my mom. So again I need tissues with me all times.

Here is how I organize my tissue papers in my carry on bag:

1. My tissues come in tissue box or larger packaging. I would take them out and fold them:

Note: I recently also purchased a tissue box holder which I love to hold the tissues that come in plastic packaging which can get quite flimsy.

2. I would place the folded tissues into a small cloth zip bag (it has a plastic protective layer so it is quite waterproof) like below:

3. The cloth bag would be placed in my carry on bag. I find it is really handy especially when I am bringing my mom for hospital visits as I tend to require to use a lot of tissues in the hospital.


Why I do not carry tissues in their original packaging:

As I need a lot of tissues, I would need to have more tissues with me. When I put the tissues in their original packaging of plastic, it gets kind of flimsy as the plastic would move out of place with the tissues spilling into my bag contents. For smaller packaging tissue, they would go all over the place and surprisingly, it is not easy to pull out especially like when we want to dry our hands after washing it.

Hence, I would ‘reprocess’ the storage of these tissues when I am going out. The plastic tissue holder and the water proof cloth bag cost me 20 baht each (less than USD2 each) and came in design and colour that I like. In our daily life, functional items need not be expensive…. places like the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree can really be a good source of cute and useful finds.

Once the tissue supplies go low, I would take note of that and refill the cloth holder when I come back. As now these tissues are also use for my mom, I would fold them while wearing a pair of clean gloves. It hardly take any time and the folding process can be quite therapeutic and relaxing. Usually I would do it while watching YouTube education videos.

Easy access to tissues:

Recently during a hospital visit, I was washing my hands and then wanted to access to the tissue. All I had to do is to reach into the unzipped cloth bag and take out a folded tissue. It was defnitely easier to access to the tissues. Give this a try.


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