What to do in boring meetings and courses

In this post, I would share on how I survive boring and meaningless corporate meetings and courses that I was sent to. When I was still in the corporate world, I would get very restless and agitated when I find myself attending a project or launch meeting that was totally unnecessary. Or sometimes when I [...]

Possible Dangers in Antiques

Each piece of antique carries with it a different kind of energy. Usually there is a strange and mysterious vibe that comes with each item. Usually I would advice against acquiring any antiques to decorate your home, office or business. Unless you know the history behind the antique or it is a heirloom left over [...]

Do NOT sit with your back facing the door

You may be doing some reorganization of your living area and working room. When you are rearranging the furniture for your study or working room, take care to ensure your back is not facing the door. Especially if you are the sole breadwinner of the family and the room is used for you to do [...]

The Art of Getting Things Done for the Non Conforming Creative

Creative, artistic, left-handed and ADHD often share similar attributes: they are creative, non conforming and hopelessly disorganized. But when the inspiration comes, they can be the most focused, productive and disciplined person that you know. Well in life, we don’t only get to do the fun stuff. There are lots of boring stuff in between. [...]

Be disciplined to write down checklists and learnings after each event

Over these past few years I have gotten very disciplined in writing down checklists and learnings from events especially for those that I did not manage to plan before that. I find it is important to write down because it is going to be helpful and come in handy if you need it in future. [...]