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Extra Travel bags- to declutter/recycle/throw or to keep?

Travel bags- to keep or declutter

Over the years, we may have amassed quite a number of travel bags of various sizes and shapes. With the popularity of decluttering and minimalist lifestyle, don’t you wonder if you should just throw out or donate the bags? In this article, I would explain on my experience, and why sometimes you should not just [...]

Organizing/storing your work tools

If you are handy person who often worked using saws, hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc, your best way of organizing and storing these items would be to hang it up on the wall of your garage like below: Hanging the tools not only saves space as it is making use of a vertical space (wall), but [...]

How to store your bed sheets, pillow cases and beddings

When I was young, my mom would store washed bed sheets in shelf at the cupboard. There was no systematic lines for folding and dividing the items. So when someone went to the shelf to rummage through something, the whole place becomes a huge mess. And then, as it was an old wooden cupboard, some [...]