What to do in boring meetings and courses

In this post, I would share on how I survive boring and meaningless corporate meetings and courses that I was sent to. When I was still in the corporate world, I would get very restless and agitated when I find myself attending a project or launch meeting that was totally unnecessary. Or sometimes when I [...]

My Creative 30 baht Planner (cost less than USD1)

I bought a planner from a bookstore in Thailand which cost only 30 baht (less than USD1), I believe the price has gone down after the new year. Just wish to share with you the layout of the planner. It is creatively done and come in pastel shades. There are the more professional as well [...]

Why a monthly planner spread is useful for planning and organizing

A planner with a monthly spread has been very useful for me when it  comes to viewing at a glance, planning and organizing activities. Even though I am not a naturally organized person, and tend to love to go on my days ‘in the flow’,  I still learn to use my monthly planner often when [...]