Where to store and file your bills, letters, warranties and statements

Are you like me who always tend to put off sorting out mails and statements? Who have piles of unopened letters lying all over the house? I have watched countless YouTube videos, read books and blogs on the best way to manage paper clutter and to file away documents. No matter how enticing or convincing [...]

Simple way to temporarily store receipts for calculation and records

Do you keep your store and shopping receipts all over the place? Ever since I realize that I have exceeded my monthly budget, I have kept a close tab my expenses. Tracking my incoming and spending each day has help me to be more mindful of my spending and hence reduce the daily expenses and [...]

How to Organize Newspaper or Magazine articles that you wish to read later

Often when we read the newspaper or magazine, we may come across some interesting, thought provoking or memorable articles that we wish to keep for reading later. How could we preserve and store these articles? My older organization methods of newspaper articles: I grew up reading newspaper as we had the papers delivered to our [...]