Harnessing from the Sun to brighten up your home | Long term savings

There are fixtures that you can take into consideration during renovation that can help to brighten up your home.If your home is dim, then there are more long term costs that you would need to spend on lighting.The following are 3 things we have implemented that really help to save cost on long term basis. [...]

How to minimize buying clothes that you would not wear

Most of us are guilty of having far too much pieces of clothing that we know we would never wear. This builds up clutter and it gets a little traumatizing when we need to clear off the wardrobe to make way of new pieces of clothing. When I was much younger, I am guilty of [...]

How to store loose change/ coins at one place

Loose coins/change are notorious…. they turn up all over the place- at table tops, between/under the sofa, unk and various drawers, at the bottom of handbags/backpack, in the car seat and even kitchen counter top. In order for clutter not to build up, you need to assign a home to all objects. We cannot be [...]