The therapeutic effect of cleaning and gardening

Yesterday in the late afternoon I spent about 2 hours pulling out weeds in the my garden. The weather was cloudy, hence it was not hot and the occasional wind is soothing. I ended up with 3 solid huge black bags of weeds that I pulled out with my own hands. Cleaning and pulling out [...]

Should you maintain the garden yourself or outsource the work?

If you have a huge garden- should you be doing your own gardening or outsourcing the work to paid help such as gardeners or general workers? The decision whether to manage the garden yourself and if you do, the type of skills required depends on a few factors such as: 1. How big is your [...]

Overgrown and messy garden attracts bad energies/ entities

This article may be a bit spooky, hence I leave it up to you to believe it or not…. Years ago, I was told by a spiritual master that my garden had wandering spirits occupying it because my garden was overgrown with weeds, was messy and unkempt. Due to its unkempt nature, the spirits did [...]

Should you plant your flowers on pots or in the ground?

In recent months, I have been spending considerable amount of time in my garden….trying to keep the weeds from growing under control. About 2 months ago, I cleared out my pandan patch (throw out the old rotting roots) and transferring them to flower pots. I also started transferring most of the flowers into flower pots. [...]

Should you have a real garden or replace it with concrete tiles?

When planning for your home, you may sometimes be deciding whether to have a real garden (with grass, plants, scrubs and flowers) or may often be tempted to just turn the entire green patch into concrete. I have a garden in my home and I cannot tell you how often I am tempted to convert [...]

How to Clear a Messy Garden

Few years ago, I’ve managed to clear out my extremely messy garden. Often termed as ‘messy mini jungle’ but some friends, I decided to clean it up once and for all. If you are like me, having no prior experience in gardening and cannot differenciate plants from weeds, I want you to know that with [...]