Location of Clutter can tell where you are stuck/ state of mind

Clutter in room

I came across some interesting resources that shared about what the location of our clutter tells us about ourselves. It is good to reflect to see if the observation is applicable to your life. Some of the items in blue italics are my own words based on personal experience. 1. Entrance of your house Fear [...]

How to manage the massive amount of clothes that you have

In these past few years, decluttering and minimalism are often the talk of sites and social media. Tonnes of videos are made to teach folks how to declutter the massive amount of clothings that they have. But how about those who have massive, HUGE collection of clothes that they absolutely love and cannot bear to [...]

How to organize a small closet

Many people struggle with an overstuff closet where they just cannot seems to find their clothes. Or they have a closet filled with clothes and yet have nothing to wear. I used to fill my closet with clothes that does not look good on me (hoping that I would get into them when I am [...]