Should you plant your flowers on pots or in the ground?

In recent months, I have been spending considerable amount of time in my garden….trying to keep the weeds from growing under control.

About 2 months ago, I cleared out my pandan patch (throw out the old rotting roots) and transferring them to flower pots. I also started transferring most of the flowers into flower pots.

There are some pros and cons that I have discovered and would like to share it with you here:

Pros of having plants in flower pots:

1. Plants that grow in flower pots have a fixed perimeter and they would not grow out of control…..because they would not be able to spread easily out of the confines of the flower pot

2. You can also spot weeds much easier in the pot and pull them out

3. Easier to move the plants around. If you wish to redesign the color scheme, you can just move the plants around when they are in flower pots. If they are stuck on the ground, it is much more troublesome to move.

4. Your garden will look much tidier. I got this idea of putting plants in pots even though I have a garden after seeing many houses doing that- basically they would keep a large land space of grass which easily can be trimmed (you need not worry about accidentally killing any plants when using a weed trimmer). Then they would create islands or patches with flowering plants.

5. You get to live your gardening hobby even though you do not have a real garden, or that you live in an apartment/condo or like to have an indoor garden.

Cons of having plants in flower pots:

1. The plants have to be watered frequently, much frequently compared to in the ground. I’ve had the same plants on the ground which still grows when I neglected to water them but on pots, they would wilter even after a hot day. I find myself having to water my plants at least twice a day (once in the morning and another time at night).

2. You need to re-pot them when the plants outlived their size.

3. If you are not careful, sometimes the re-potting process may kill the poor plant.

Looking back, I am glad I have re-potted my flowers. By repotting them, the flowers stood out and the pesky weeds would stand up easily like a sore thumb, compared to previously where they grew around my flowers making it hard to pull. Also, some flowers can grow easily out of control that it could easily turn into a cluttered mess. By keeping them in flower pots they become much more organized.

But I have a little regret for transferring my pandan leaves to pots. First, because they nearly died and it took months of caring and constant watering to have them back to their old self. At first I thought the plants are going to die because they just sort of wilter…but I did not give up and water frequently plus keeping them in the shade.

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