Seasonal decorations and excessive items- to discard or keep?

Discarding would make sense for the normal household who is cluttered by things that they no longer need.

There are things that are seasonal like an artificial Christmas tree and its deco or other festive decos. Some household would just keep a few decos but throw most of it away. Or all are being thrown away. Some would store away all decorations nicely to be reused for the next year.

christmas decoration storage

For those who dispose all or most items, reasons given is to free up space, declutter and ‘out with old and in with new’. Also some people said that items that are not used for long seemed to have some stale, tired or unwholesome vibe which is usually not felt with new purchases.

However with the global pandemic and the poor economy situation, it is not so viable to just simply throw away stuff that you may need to use later. It would be more advisable to keep stuff that we need, even seasonal ones than to discard.

How about the stale energy of unused items?

If the item is packed and stored away neatly in a proper container, the item would be preserved in a good condition.

storing christmas decorations in clear storage container

For example, I once worked for a boss who likes minimalism and does not like cluttering up spaces or surfaces. However, he invested in a good quality artificial Christmas tree in tones that he liked (white tree, with decos that are blue, gold and silver). Overall the effect is classy and unique. We would put up the tree and then remove and dismantle the tree after New Year to be stored neatly back into a storage cabinet. He believe in one time good investment and then assign a proper space to keep the items. In air conditional office, the condition of the items, as well as other festive decos remained in pristine condition.

When I was young, my mom would buy mooncake laterns according to our animal zodiac sign for me and my brother. Each year during mooncake festival we would take up and play with it, then my mom would pack it back by wrapping the laterns up with newspaper and stacking them with other items. The newspaper of course would get old, yellow and attract dust and bugs. But still, we were not well off and the laterns were good enough for us.

Mooncake festival laterns

The same for pots and pans that she loves to collect. She would just wrap them up with 2 layers of plastic bags and shove them in some storage areas which was accessible to bugs.

When some items are priced possessions of our parents, it is disrespectful for us to discard them. So as I learned more about storage and organization, I just invested in plastic storage boxes and later paid more for the transparent ones to store her items.

Items that are properly stored would be in a good condition for much longer period. If in the past we have to keep cleaning up these stuff and still find bugs amongst them, once I store in containers I could go on for years without needing to clean them.

I find the additional plates are useful when we invited people over to our home for meals. Or when a friend of mine need to host for some people and did not have enough plates and bowls, I would just cart an entire storage box to them and lend them to my friend.

However, it does not mean that I keep everything. There were still some that I had given away as there was too much- my neighbor helped me to cart some pots and pans to be placed in a wet market where there are poorer people who may want to make use of them.

In the past, the decluttering may be popular and many people discard things that they would need later (seasonal items) thinking that they could just buy it when the times come. However with such uncertainty, the wiser decision would be to keep what we need (not to the point of hoarding but not throwing out useful things either), AND learn to only spend on what we need.

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