Reusing the cover of your passport holder

Do you love the cover of your passport holder but it now lies neglected, in your drawer or safe with your passport?

Well, why not consider repurposing it as a small notebook cover?

Similar with how you can repurpose the cover of your planner or organizer (you can buy an inexpensive notebook and insert the cover), you can also do that for your passport holder.

Few years ago, a colleague got me a passport cover with my name embossed on the site as a gift. It was such a waste to keep it hidden along with my passport.

Reusing your passport cover

I had some small little notebooks (the 555 kinda book) that I had bought earlier. The cover was a little boring. I had the idea to take out my passport cover and use it as the cover of my small notebook as shown below:

repurpose passport cover

The passport cover helps protect the notebook from going out of shape (when pressed together with other objects) or getting stained. Now I would put the small notebook in my carry on bag when I go out as I sometimes find myself needing to jot down something while on the go.

This is just a simple idea that you can consider trying. As the cover is changed, you do not need to get more expensive or durable books. In fact, my current small notebook cost less than 30 cents. And with the passport holder, it takea the ‘cheapness’ away and more motivation to use. After all, having a single place where you scribble all your information sure beats having bits and pieces of paper all over your bag, purse and drawers.

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