Reuse the cover of your favourite planner

You may have purchased a planner, diary or notebook, love it absolutely and put it to good use. Now that the pages are almost used up, you may find a hard time to get the planner that you like. Or even if you could find one, the price may be too expensive as planners and journals tend to be overpriced.

If your planner, journal diary or notebook comes in the removable cover flap, how about buying an inexpensive but good quality notebook and then reusing the cover for your notebook. And voila, you have a new planner!

It is the same concept being applied in binder planners/organizers like Kikki k where one can just replace the finished pages with page inserts that can be bought separately.

Over the years, there are 2 planner/notebook which I had bought that I have really liked. Both these planners are inexpensive:

  1. RM8.50 (about USD2) notebook from MrDIY. I just like the brown cover.

2. A planner from B2S bookstore in Thailand costing about 149 baht. The cover came in my favourite colour of soft pastel lilac.

The brown planner was used extensively for my Blog Progress Journal where I document steps I have taken for my blog and detailed guides of what I did. It is very useful to refer back later to see what worked and what did not. It also serve as a useful resource to document the procedures and processes so that I will not forget the steps should I need to return to it later.

The lilac notebook originally was used as a personal reflection diary.

As the pages are finishing, I wanted to purchase new planners and notebooks to replace them.

Due to the pandemic, going out is a little inconvenient compared to how it used to be. Still, I made some visit to various stores and could not settle for something that I like enough to buy.

It was then I decided to reuse the covers of my favourite diary/planner:

I went to a few stationery shops and finally got a single line notebook from Tesco costing about USD3+. Then I took out the flap of the older Blog Progress Journal and use it for the inexpensive notebook:

With that, I now have a new diary/planner/notebook which I am using for my second Blog Progress Journal. From the image below, you can see that the planner that came with the cover has been completed and now is ‘coverless’ but I have labeled the book. This also makes it less bulky to keep.

As for my Lilac cover, I use it to insert my monthly planner where I also use to record appointments, bill due dates and blogging activities that are date dependent.  Surprisingly after I use reuse my planner insert for my monthly planner, I find myself getting more consistent in using my monthly planner. I run some campaigns in two of my other blogs and I needed to keep track of the dates to remove these campaigns after they have expired.

When buying a notebook, you need to ensure the size of the book is able to fit into the cover. If you have intention to reuse the cover of an old planner, then do bring the cover or the planner along to the store when you pick up a new notebook.


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