How to repurpose expired calendars that you love

In this post, I wish to share a way of how we can repurpose an old expired desktop calendar and turn it into a current year calendar.  There are some reasons why we want to do that and I will explore the possible reasons, use and show you how I repurpose an old desktop calendar.


Why would we want to repurpose an expired desktop calendar?


1. When calendars are no longer on sale at stores 
Generally calendars are easily available around end and beginning of each year. Sometime in February or March, retail outlets would then remove calendar, dated planners and diaries from their shelves and return it back to the manufacturer.

Hence, if sometime or halfway through the year, when we realize we need another calendar…. it would be hard to find one being on sale at physical stores (they would usually be available online).

2. When we like the graphics of the past year/expired calendar
On most desktop calendar, one side would consist of the calendar by month, while the other side would usually have a image. There are times that while the calendar had expired, we like the pictures on the calendar and would like to look at them again.

3. To save time and money
It does not take long to repurpose. All we need is a pair of scissors, UHU glue/ double sided tape and washi tapes/stickers to cover any irrelevant areas. Most of the time these items are already readily available in our home.  It took me a short while to cut and paste the current year calendar on the expired desktop calendar. Much faster than to shop online to decide which one or to drive out to perhaps try to look for one. Not to mention it can really save us money.

4. When we just need another desktop calendar just occassionally and it does not warrant the need to spend on a new calendar.

There was a computer table in our place where we kinda really need a desktop calendar. Just kinda, not heavy usage but just the occassional and quick reference of dates and public holidays in the country.

So what I did was a use an expired table calendar, got hold of a suitable size of this year’s calendar (it was an extra wall calendar that no one was using) and then cut up the shapes and paste it on the the months section of the table calendar. The current calendar is one of those extra  free calendars that we got from retail outlets.

5. Just for fun and experiment
Yeah why not, sometimes we can try out new ideas…. to make new stuff out of stuff that we already have.  I took time to slowly do it and it has been relaxing while listening to YouTube education videos in the background.


How I repurpose the expured calendar using what I already have

By nature I am not really good in artwork so I seek the reader’s kind understanding. So no thinking out of the box or any artistic idea. Just cut out from old calendar and paste to cover the expired calendar. Go according to month, ie for February calendar, paste on the February section  and so on.

The calendar used was in year 2021. It was a Bangkok Bank calendar that is high in quality paper. For you it may be a desktop calendar that you are reluctant to part with.

Then get a current year calendar, either physical or print from online. For me, there was an unused small wall calendar that no one was using and it did not look good being hanged up on the wall. The calendar type is useful with Chinese and Thai dates as well as public holidays.

I took the calendar and cut out the portions so that it could cover the expired months on the desktop calendar. Fortunately the dimensions matched very well. The current year calendar also give a small calendar of the month before and after. So I cut out the portions accordingly and pasted them to cover the expired information. In areas that are not covered, I used washi tape to go over.

The above is the finished product and I’ve done it for 12 months of the year.  It took less than 30 minutes for me to turn two objects that are not in use into something useful and literally free….. because the current year calendar was given free from a shop. If you seach via online, you can even find calendars in design that you like and you can print out to paste on the expired months of your old desktop calendar.  I am sure your finished product would look much more prestine than what I have but I hope you get the idea with this article.

Additional idea:

Another idea is to repurpose the images of your favourite pictures located on the desktop calendar to make as a page marker, bookmark, to cut out and paste on a journal, diary or art notebook. You can cut out partial like scrapbook style or have the entire picture out.

I have last year’s Thai table calendar that came in cute cartoon drawings. I actually cut out the designs from the months I like to make it as a bookmark…. it to slip into important pages of my planner that I always refer to. The calendar also contained this year’s 12 months at a glance which I have cut out and pasted on the repurposed calendar above.

And then, I also make a Shorts video with the calendar because the cartoon pictures also give a picture of Thai culture in an adorable way. Because to me, the drawings are too cute and creative to be lost forever.  I used the Carebears theme song in the Shorts and I would play some of these Shorts when I am doing passive physical exercise for my mom who is bedridden. These carefree songs helped her to relax her tense muscles and brings a smile on her face:

Happy experimenting!




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