Recycle small plastic container for portable snack containers

One of the ways to avoid buying junk food is to bring health snacks with us while we are out and about. Because when we are hungry, we would tend to grab unhealthy options such as chocolate bars, ice cream and chips.

In the past, I reuse a small sour plum plastic bottle to fill up some snacks to bring along. Due to its small size, you can portion control your snacks. You can fill up snacks such as raisins, apricots, mixed nuts, etc.

Snack containers

What you see above are my favourite sour plum which I usually bought in bulk from a snack supplier for my own consumption as well as for my friends who loved this. The sour plum is invaluable during travel when I feel unwell.

You may be able to see similar sized plastic containers selling small portion chocolate chips, coloured sugar sprinkles or almond flakes at bakery stores or supermarkets.

After consuming the sour plum, I would remove the green plastic sheet, give the container a good wash and then use it to fill up little snacks that I carry to the office or when I am out and about.

The container closes tightly (but it is not completely airtight so please do not put liquid items inside). But it is tight enough to keep ants out (as it would be unpleasant to find our bag filled with ants).

Some people advocate using ziplock bags to pack their snacks. I do not use ziplock bags as sometimes the plastic may get punctured (example from keys) or the contents may spill out if one overlook to seal out the bag properly. Also the ziplock bags can be used at most a few times before it has to be thrown away.

With the plastic container (which usually gets thrown away), I am able to find use for it and the container can last me for a long time.

Other uses where I have used the small plastic container for is to store soap powder (for short trips where I may need to do some light washing), sweets that does not seal (I have traveled to certain places where the bag where I kept an opened packet of sweets resulted my bag got infested with ants) and thumbdrive and media cards (makes them easier to find and protect them).

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