When you like pretty planners but lack the artistic skill to draw or decorate

When seeing beautifully decorated planners and bullet journals, we can get very inspired but at te same time intimidated ……especially if we do not have the artistic flare. Decorating with washi tapes and stickers can be expensive especially for the budget conscious.

My solution is to buy an inexpensive preprinted A5 monthly spread planner which I show in this Shorts video:


I’ve started buying preprinted planners for the past few years to plan my days, which surprisingly help to increase my consistency in posting:

For heavy duty planning, I still need to use a notebook but I choose those with covers I really like, for example the one with the Unicorn planner which I use for daily to do lists and weekly overview planning (you can see in the video above).

For many years, I have been using predecorated monthly spread planners – they are inexpensive and really help me in planning. In fact, this year I have bought 2 monthly spread planners which I am using for:

First one- my social media posting schedule. For scheduled and posted posts, videos and pins (Pinterest), I write down in my monthly spread planner. As I  would change and move around scheduled content, I use the erasable Pilot Frixion pens as it would be easy to make amendments to the schedule. Having a social media calendar all laid out is very useful as it provides a quick overview of the content I have published/scheduled for a particular day.


My ‘collection’ over the years are below:

Happy plannning!

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