Possible Dangers in Antiques

Each piece of antique carries with it a different kind of energy. Usually there is a strange and mysterious vibe that comes with each item.

Usually I would advice against acquiring any antiques to decorate your home, office or business. Unless you know the history behind the antique or it is a heirloom left over by a beloved grandparent.

There are times for some unknown reasons some people find themselves drawn to certain antique. They may not buy it at first but can’t seems to stop thinking about it after leaving the shop. They may even have dreams that remind them about the item until they finally go back to purchase it.

If this happens, then it is really borderline spooky.

Two Stories of Antique Collectors

I decided to write this article after reading a blog post of a man who was relaying the story of his friend who is an avid antique collector. This man has some psychic abilities and was able to see that literally his friend’s entire condominium is filled with ghosts that came attached to the antique pieces that he bought.

His friend behaved weirdly and is often bad tempered.

This reminds me of my mom’s friend’s friend who loved to collect antiques. Her entire condominium was filled with her collection which were valuable that she had to purchase insurance for them.

This lady was also similar with the man described in the first story. She was impatient, bad tempered and always seemed tired.

She also eventually developed breast cancer and passed away last year.

The same goes for strange objects that you find by the roadside or something that your dog may bring back from outside.

If you do not know the origin of the item, do NOT put it in your home. Leave them where they are. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THEM. Sometimes a malevolent force may be attached to the object. In certain parts of Asia, some may even transfer their bad luck into an object and leave it to the next person to discover, take back and inherit all the ill luck.

Alternatives to Antiques

I had my first job at the age of 17 years old after high school while waiting to get to my pre university. My boss was a rich man who loved antique liked items.

Instead of buying real antiques, he brought furniture that were made to look like antiques. His own room consisted of rosewood furniture.

Chinese designed office

Picture above is not the actual office but an illustration to give an idea that it is not necessary that we use real antiques but first hand furniture with antique design.

A friend of my mom is also the same. They love antique designs but instead of acquiring real antiques, they brought furniture that are hand crafted with antique designs. Her house is bright and has a wonderful vibe.

Not to mention that the cost is significantly lower and we can still enjoy the design we like without inviting for trouble.

When we walk into homes and offices like this, there is no strange vibes being felt. On the other hand, have you noticed how dark and gloomy, and even spooky at times whenever you visit a real antique store or a museum? Do you also notice that if a flea or weekend markets have many stores selling antique, the place feels different- no longer vibrant or bright. There seemed to be a heavy and dark energy around.  No matter how much artificial light is used, it did not seems to make a difference.

I would end this article with a final story from a Korean drama series called The Master’s Sun. The drama series contained a series of different ghost stories centered around a girl who could see and communicate with spirits, and the lead actor who is a rich business man. What struck me was that the stories were quite real and seemed to be written by someone who have experience in such matters or have researched the topics well.

In one of the episode, it tells of a lady who was attracted to an antique vase so much that she took the vase and place it by her bedside stand. When she slept, she dreamt she went back to ancient Korean period and entered a pavilion where a handsome scholar was doing some work. She was attracted to the scholar. Each night he appeared in her dream and she looked forward to seeing him.

In one of the scene, it then show her sleeping with a happy expression on her face, and a hideous looking creature that looked very much like a goblin squatting on her stomach and looking down at her.

After a short while, the lady started to dislike her husband and developed more feelings of hatred towards him. She also started to spend more time sleeping. The lead actress told them something is wrong with the vase. As the lady seemed to be under some kind of spell, one day, someone went to the bedroom, took the vase, put over his head and smash it down to the floor, breaking it to pieces. The image that dissipates and the lady woke up, back to her normal self again, no longer hating her husband.

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