Organizing/storing your work tools

If you are handy person who often worked using saws, hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc, your best way of organizing and storing these items would be to hang it up on the wall of your garage like below:

Hanging the tools not only saves space as it is making use of a vertical space (wall), but to a person who have interest in woodworking and DIY project, it is an inspiration to see the tools arranged neatly together.

For smaller items such as screws and nails, it can be stored neatly in compartmentalized storage boxes.

Also it makes it easy to see the items at a glance instead of rummaging through a cluttered drawer or table top. If not careful, sometimes a sharp edge of the tool could also hurt us.

For a person like me who is not into handiwork but have need for these tools from time to time, I store them in a clear plastic storage box. The box is stored below my kitchen cabinet and everyone know the location for the toolbox for easy search:

Storage for tools like hammer, pliers

As for small items like nails, stoppers and screws, I would store them in a small clear container box before storing them inside my tool box. This simple method makes it much easier for me to find small sized items.

What if you are a woodworker or electrician by profession?

From my personal observation of contractors, electricians and woodworkers that we have engaged, I noticed that those who take their profession seriously and is skillful often respect the tools of their trade. Each tool would have their home, be it in their tool bag or tool box. Each time they finished work, the items would be packed neatly back into where they belong. They would always know whenever any items goes missing.

As a person who did a lot of crafting in the past, I have fixed tool box and storage for all my ribbons, breads, nylon strings, findings, etc. Each time when I was working on my craft, the entire area would look messy. However after I finish, I would never leave my stuff in a mess lying in my living room or bedroom even though it was at night and I would do crafting again the next morning. I always roll back and secure my ribbons and place my beads at the correct compartment and put away of stuff.

I know of a contractor who is also a clutterer in the sense that believes in accumulating stuff ‘just in case’. When my bathroom door broke, he was able to immediately supply a temporary door from the one he got at his storeroom. When I mentioned I am going to buy a less hard rubber hose for my pipe, he said no need to buy as he has one at home and promptly got me one that he had kept ‘just in case’. Even though he has so much of stuff, he knew where all his stuff are which I find it to be amazing.

It is very different from some of those with shabby workmanship where when they take out their tools and use it, they never put it back to its proper place. There may not be a proper place also where they kept these items.

However, on the contractor who knew where to find his items mentioned above, I believe the clutter also has impact on him and his family. As he has so much of stuff, he placed a lot of additional items at his home compound, making his home looked to outsiders like a junkyard. His wife is overwhelmed and is often forgetful and he himself has been feeling unwell frequently.


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