Organizing and storing your beads, findings and craft creations

In the past, I love making craft items and therefore have quite a huge collection of craft supplies which I have bought throughout the years.

Initially, I would just store beads in the original plastic packaging that they came in. However I find it hard to look for the beads and often they spill out from the plastic bags.

Eventually, I figured a way of storing my beads in a more systematic way. I went out and bought myself a number of clear stationery compartment containers to help divide my beads and store them:

Storage beads in compartmentalized containers

When you close the lid of the container, you can still see through and it would give you an idea the contents in the box.

I do have a number of such boxes as I really have quite a lot of beads which I have collected over the years. But since I am no longer active in beading work, I am slowly selling off my unused craft supplies to save up space in my home. Having the beads stored according to their design helps to make it easier for me to locate these items and pack them once there is an interested buyer.

Storage beads in compartmentalized containers

Another set of items I do is I stitched ribbon roses. I also stored the ribbon roses using such container boxes:

Storing craft creations

The box protects my creations from dust.

Even with the closed lids, you can still see through the decoration. Sometimes, I would take  the container out and place on my shelf as a decoration.

Such containers can be bought from hypermarkets or stationery stores for a few bucks.

Tip: Do get the transparent ones because if you have lots of items to organize, the transparent boxes does make it easier for you to see through. Generally I do not buy these containers from craft stores as they are expensive. I find the ones sold in hypermarket and budget stores to do just as well and serve its purpose.

If you are no longer active in making crafts, you may then stack up these little boxes in a plastic storage containers and store them away.

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