Stop Posting Every Second of Your Life to Social Media- Nobody Freakin’ Cares actually

In today’s world, everyone wants to post their life on social media. They wanted to make videos of literally everything they do and post it to social media like Tik Tok or Instagram … a bunch of strangers to get external validation, eg likes, comments….

But the sad reality is, nobody really cares. When we do that we are often exposing intimate details of our life and very precious moments that are better off not being on camera. For example, the birth of a newbaby, the first time they say ‘mama’ or ‘papa’, missing a loved one and seeing them again after a long time, marriage proposals, so on and so forth.

There are a few very meaningful videos that addresses this topic very well….. I would say the algorithm did good this time to recommend these videos to me which I want to document in the blog so that I can come back to them later and not have these videos disappear in the abyss of endless recommended videos:

Stop Filming Everything You Do for Social Media- Freya India

Freya speaks it so well in this video about the phenonemon of people who are documenting of the most precious and literally every single thing they are doing to post it to a bunch of strangers in the internet online that really do not care. Her piognant message: Stop selling your life cheaply to strangers.

And a video by Struthless: The problem with the internet that no one is talking about:

Struthless is a very inspiring YouTuber. He was once addicted to drugs and he kicked the habit and turned his life around. He humbly share his experience and insights about life, often in the most profound and insightful ways that we have not thought about.

Another video: The Bigger Problem than Social Media Addiction by Art Chad:

The video is well presented with a tinge of humor.

short form content gets a lot of notority because when we think of short form content, videos of dancing and lip syncing to trending audio comes into mind. These content can just literally pull someone into the world of endless and doom scrolling. Hence, he did mention that he would never create another short form content ever.

Only at this part I beg to digress  a little….just a little. Yes, initially when YouTube first introduced YouTube shorts, I was quite against it. After all, what can a video with less than 1 minute teaches us? If I had wanted to watch these kind of videos, I would have been on Tik Tok and Instagram.

It is my utter dislike for mindless short form videos that made me not going to Tik Tok or Instagram…. I do not even have the two apps on my phone. Heck, I’ve even deleted the Facebook app on my phone because I find myself mindlessly scrolling through the videos and reading posts in groups that I have joined. After I deleted the app, I was more productive.

Then somewhere along the line…. I’ve had a change of heart with regards to Short form content.

If you to to my YouTube channel, you would notice my recent content have all been Shorts. I was making long form videos in the past but for the past few months have only been making and publishing Shorts.

However, the Shorts that I am making are not those mindless lip syncing or selfie displaying every moment of my life. The reason why I made Shorts is because that is the only way I could use songs legally which would benefit the artist.  That is the reason why I choose Shorts- if we can take music in long form content, I would have made long form content instead.

Since a long time ago, I do not listen to music and songs for entertainment. I always dwell into the lyrics of the song and the lessons the song is trying to convey. In Malay and Mandarin songs, the lyrics of the songs can be deep and profoud which often times there is not a single English word that could accurately express the true meaning and essence of the lyrics. Years ago, I did embark on a quest to translate the lyrics of my favourite Malay songs….and I did translate quite a number of the Malay songs lyrics into English. It was a challenge as I understood the deep meaning in the lyrics but there is no words in the English vocabulary to express it.

Sometimes when I hear the song, I would get inspiration of the different or more profound meaning the lessons that can be learned from the song. I am not someone who have a commanding audio voice and I do not have the interest to make talking head videos – these songs allow me to express some experience and lessons that I’ve learned along the way. Essentially I am making Shorts that I myself would like to watch- and I also used some of my own Shorts that I’ve created especially those with nursery ryhmes as the music when doing physio passive exercises for my bedridden mom to move her limbs. With a little nice wholesome music it helps to relax my mom (if they are not relaxed, they would tense their muscles which make it easy to get a muscle pull or pain).

For the rest, I use it to tell a story, to share an experience or some hacks that I know. I do not make it for the views…. even if nobody watches them, I myself enjoy them. It is just a way for me to express my creativity and is worthwhile hobby in between my caregiving duties.

But I do agree that one should not be focused in posting every single aspect of one’s life on social media to a bunch of mainly strangers. Even if some of our family and friends follow, I would think the only people who truly care about our content are probably our parents….. and the love they have for us would make them appreciate every single thing that we make.

One of the reason why I decided not to go into Facebook is because I realized that a lot of what I see in the feeds of my friends do not show the true picture. In social media they would post how happy and loving they are but when I go out or speak to them on the phone, they would pour out their unhappiness and the problems in their life. And their mental health and happiness is dictated by the number of likes and interaction they receive in return for their content. How sad, to put our happiness in the hands of others…. and we are not even talking about our loved ones  but strangers whom we have not met in real life.

I’ve been a blogger for more than 10 years and have been used to writing and sharing my content online for a long time. And in my corporate career, one of my main responsibilities is to also write communication and content for the information portal which I manage. In fact, I’ve done it so long that inspiration flow more freely when I am typing on the keyboard than when writing down.

Yet, I’ve never felt the need to show my face, nor those of my loved ones in my videos. I value my own as well as the privacy of my loved ones. For example, when my mom who have Alzheimers now go on tube feeding, I could not find any resources online. Hence, I created content of my own to share my experiences with others who may go through the same situation now mainly in the following blog:

I also value my mom’s dignity and would not want to share her pictures and her condition with people whom I do not know. Photos of hers are only shared with close family and her long time friends of over 50 years. There was once a Youtuber whose mom also got Alzheimers…. and he made videos to share their ‘journey’ which contained undignified pictures of her drooling over her food and with unkept hair, etc. He was criticized by some viewers but he continued to do so in the spirit of wanting to make people understand the true situation. The subscribers and views of his channel skyrocketed because there are many people who have loved ones who have Alzheimer’s/ dementia who could relate to his content.

For me, I only provided sharing in writing or I would use stock photos and videos to try to explain and share the situation. I do not feel inclined to show or proof what I am sharing by showcasing my mom as I have nothing to proof to anyone. In my caregiving journey, I have been criticized and judged even by those who knew me but I’ve learned not to let the opinion of others to influence or intimidate me. After all, they are not the ones who are helping me in my duties or paying my mom’s hefty medical bills.

When I got to know some others who are in the same situation and had to endure criticism, I made the Shorts video below because it was the only way I could use MJ’s song legally- his song is what I find expresses what I feel:

In my opinion, a lot of things in life have both a good and bad side to them. Like money that is said to be the root of all evil, it can be the ticket to enable us to do good things as well. If we did not have money, my mom would not be alive now as since the time she went into tube feeding, our medical expenses skyrocketed.

Also like a knife…. we can use it to cut and prepare food to feed and nourish our body. Or some would use it to hurt or rob others. The knife itself is just an animate object minding its own business. It is how we choose to use it that determines whether it is beneficial or harmful.

Endless doom scrolling is a pure waste of life, effects our energy levels and our emotional and mental health. It also cause us to have short atttention span and not be present in our life. I have fell into the trap of doom scrolling which fortunately I’ve managed to quickly get myself out from through content creation eg writing blog posts like this or making Shorts with lessons, reflections or with nursery rhymes for my mom’s exercise seasons.

I do encourage others to do the same– to share knowledge and/or express themselves creatively. Content that we can be proud off to show to our grandchildren or later generations. I’ll end with another cheeky shorts featuring MJ’s song, Beat it:

Have a good week ahead!

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