Why you should not scroll social media in crowded places, commute and hospitals

If you are one of those who have the tendency to feel drained and tired especially when being in crowds and visiting certain places, then you would need to avoid doing things that would take your awareness away such as doom scrolling social media, negative talking (either self talk or with others) and reading the news.

This applies if we are energically sensitive and do not understand why we are low in energy. If we cannot avoid situations where we need to be commuting in a crowded train/ bus or being in crowds or certain places like hospitals, we would need to learn to protect our energy. Engaging in mindless scrolling, negative type of speech (like gossiping, complaining or rumanating an unpleasant event, mulling over negative emotions) when at these places would make us feel totally depleted, weak and moody.

Even though many would consider time like waiting for checkups, commuting and waiting for someone as extra time which we often use it to distract ourselves with, or use it to try to be productive to check out tasks from our to-do list such as replying emails and messages, drafting content, etc……. we would need to stop this if we find ourselves drained after getting out from the commute or the crowded place.

My experience

I have learned this through my own personal experience. And through coming across experience sharing online, I become aware that there are others who experienced the same issue as me, hence I wish to share more of my experience in this article.

For many years when I worked in the city, I used to commute to work via train. The trains would be packed like sardine during the morning and evening rush hours. And I used to get off the train feeling totally drained and depleted of energy which I would then spend on cups of expensive strong coffee to get my energy up. This last only for a short while before my energy dive back down during lunch time.

Things got so bad that when HR opened up the option of ‘flexible’ working hours, I applied and got approved to change my working hours from 9am to 6pm….. to 10am to 7pm so that I could avoid the rush hour traffic. It did help to some extend and the fatigue was less severe. Yet, I still suffered from frequent from dips in energy where I feel completely drained and I needed to use pure willpower to force my tired brain to work throughout the day.

And in the early days where my mom needed to go to hospital for her checkup, we would travel by public transport because it was almost impossible to find parking in the hospital. I would purchase my regular newspaper on the way and then would be reading the paper while waiting with my mom…. because the wait can take hours.

Each visit, I did not understand why I would feel totally drained out while sitting the waiting room. Usually before I feel energy being totally drained out of me,  there would be a strange cool breeze at the back, the nape of my neck. Then my limbs would feel cold and sometimes, it got so bad that I could barely function. After a couple of times of experiencing this, I requested my brother to take leave to accompany my mom instead. He did not seems to be affected energetically during hospital visits.


Why do we feel drained and tired at certain places?

I need to stress that this situation would not apply to everyone. My brother, as mentioned do not face energy drain issues when commuting or visiting hospitals.

I would also include some aspect of supernatural and energy fields in my explaination.

In crowded spaces where humans are packed together like sardines, our energy fields get tangled up with the energy fields of others. If we look around in the train, most people do not look cheerful. They usually looked serious, tired, bored or stressed. If our energy fields are weak, then the negative energy imprints from others who are stronger would seep into our energy fields or aura, leaving negative imprints.

In places like hospitals, while it may not be crowded, there exists invisible beings that would suck out energy from those who are more empaths, who do not know how to protect their energy or are experiencing ill health or negative emotions. This is made much more easier when the person is also distracted and is concentrating on the phone from mindless scrolling or reading the news and negative events.

These kind of entities also exists in offices, which I had experienced in two of my corporate jobs with two different companies. In both companies, I used to have explosive sinus during work which caused me to sneeze non stop and fill up an entire waste paper basket full of tissues. Usually I would go to work feeling normal but then suddenly feel a cold breeze at the nape of my neck even though I did not sit below the air con vent. After that, I would feel my fingers and feet going totally cold as if energy were being drained out before I started getting very severe sinus which would last the whole day which left me feeling totally drained of energy.

The strange thing is the moment I leave the building after work, the explosive sinus would stop immediately. When thinking back, I noticed these flares had happened when I was either very distracted, stressed or feeling upset/angry about something.

The scary part is that in the second company, I actually had a Muslim colleague who had yin yang eyes, ie she could see these unseen beings. It was only after I got to know her better that she was willing to open up about some of the things she have seen….. and she told me characters about senior management staff that she had no way of knowing …… all through the kind of beings that she saw accompanying them in their room. She told me she had seen how an entity in white hung upside down and sucked out my energy from the nape of my neck. This is something you may find hard to believe but having feeling totally drained and having my extremities sudddenly feeling ice cold (which no matter what I do I could not warm them up), I know this feeling is not normal.

If we feel like this, we need to learn to protect our energy and awareness

After I resigned and become my mom’s full time caregiver that I would have to accompany my mom to hospital visits as it would not be reasonable to ask my brother to take leave. At that time, I knew we depended on me and I cannot afford to be totally drained out because if I do, I would not be able to function at all.

It was only then that I realized that I tend to feel drained and literally feel my energy being sucked out of me when I was not paying attention or if my mind was ruminating in negative, stressful or unpleasant thoughts.

We lost our attention when we are mentally immersed in the dopamine inducing world of social media.

We tend to be carried away in negativity when reading all the bad news or complaining to the other person about the stress or issue that we happen to be experiencing.

When I realized there is a correlation, I stopped buying newspapers/ magazines on hospital visits, stopped looking at my phone and started to notice immediate improvement. During my mom’s hospitalizations, I noticed when I scroll through YouTube, even to watch education videos, I could feel my energy drained away quickly compared to when I was in my own place.

I started to remain more aware and mindful. If my mom had to be hospitalized it meant she was very unwell and during those times I was also too worried about her to have the mood to scroll through social media. I do not watch the TV there, and I also limit conversations with others.

I actually spend my time either attending to my mom, doing little chores (I washed my clothes in the room during hospital stays), and rest if I am tired or stare at the wall or look at the scenery or view outside. Sometimes I would do my own prayer recitals silently. If my mom got hospitalized two or three weeks it was how I spent my days….. I usually do not go down unless it was to buy food or to pay for the medical bills (we have to pay once every 3 days). And I literally do not watch YouTube (I was already off Facebook for quite sometime).

While it is true that ‘technically’ we can get a lot of tasks done now using our phone such as doing content, scripting and ‘working on our goals’ or ‘doing tasks that move the needle’, there is a time and place to do all this….. where it is in my own room and territory.

There are a few times during the hospital stays, at the height of Covid pandemic that I was not allowed to leave the ward area where my mom stayed, and yet, I was able to resist the temptation to scroll social media or engage in any negative train of thoughts. I try to remain as mindful as I can and rest when I feel tired. Main thing is because when my mom was critical, I would be too worried to look at social media or education videos. Secondly is because I do not want my energy to be drained.

Once, when my mom was moved to a private room, the phlegm suction unit was not working in that room. So the nurses had to move us to another room, room number 13. There were strange things and sounds happening during my stay in that room but I tried to keep myself vigilant, and recited my prayers often…. that time also because my mom was critical. After staying there for about 3 weeks, my mom recovered and was discharged.

A year later, my mom got hospitalized and we ended up the same ward but this time another room. The nurses and the cleaner could well remember us and said that they remembered we stayed in room number 13. One day while a nurse was doing bed bath for my mom, I was talking to her and then asked her, ‘was there ‘something’ in room 13?’ The nurse quickly looked down and kept quiet for a while. Then instead of answering me directly, she asked me, was my current room okay (it was as no strange events).

My mom’s experiences


My mom have advanced Alzeheimers now. But she used to work as a nurse and had shared a lot of stories with me. She was not really the superstitious type but more of like she kind of acknowledge their existance but worked on the principle she was in the hospital to help patients, so let’s not disturb each other. She did tell me that there are certain rooms that are known to be kind of haunted which usually they would not want to move patients in there unless all the other rooms are occupied. My mom said when she was much younger, she was hospitalized once and was placed in a single room. One day, she asked a nurse who was that old lady who was always in the room looking at her. She said the nurse had a strange look on her face and the next thing my mom knew, she was moved to another room. My mom then never saw the old lady again.

During my mom’s time, mobile phones were not invented yet. My mom used to spend at least an hour commuting each way as her hospital was quite far away from our home. That time most people commute that way in buses. Somewhere along the line, my mom decided to use her commuting time to learn up some Buddhist chants. I did ask her why, she said she did not know why but there was a strong urge for her to do so. She took a free distribution booklet from a temple, and then made herself memorize about 2 lines each day from the chant. Within about two months, she could memorize the Tai Bei Zhou by heart. She then chanted it each morning when she woke up and often during her commute.

About 10 years from the time she started chanting, she developed tonsil cancer. Even the prognosis was bad, she was able to survive. Whereas, within the few years she had cancer, strangely one by one of her sister passed away after suffering for illness for a few years. My mom was the only one who survived her cancer.

Nowadays, hospitals are literally the only place out of my home which I go to in order to accompany my mom for her checkups. And with this practice of becoming more mindful, not scrolling through my phone and avoiding negative emotions or speech, I am able to protect my energy levels so that in the end of the day, I would still be able to carry out my duties as a caregiver and not be drained.

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