My Creative 30 baht Planner (cost less than USD1)

I bought a planner from a bookstore in Thailand which cost only 30 baht (less than USD1), I believe the price has gone down after the new year. Just wish to share with you the layout of the planner. It is creatively done and come in pastel shades. There are the more professional as well as plain looking ones for office use.

But I have always love the creative planners below and had bought them in previous years. The planner comes in a few different colors like below we may all have different colour preference. I usually get the B5 size as it is very compact, lightweight, thin and can fit in my bag.

Of course I bought the planner in my favourite colour, purple (the one in the middle on the picture above). If you buy it directly from the bookstore it is cheaper compared to buying online where the delivery charges itself would cost more than the planner.

The first page when we open, it indicates who the planner belonged to. There is a half page where it consists of free stickers:

Then there is the 2022 calendar at a glance.  There are important telephone numbers  and as this planner is sold in Thailand, the numbers and description are written in Thai language.

I find these cute planners very functional. Especially now, my life as a caregiver is simple and my tasks are quite fixed so I do not need tonnes of pages unlike when I was in corporate to write down tasks, projects, to-dos, etc. This planner for me would be more of to use to track the progress of my online blog.

If you have any projects or important tasks that you would like to work on, you can easily write them down. For example, let’s say you are planning a event or launch that requires time to complete, you can indicate the timeline of completion of each important task or milestone.

There is also a page where you can just briefly list down important appointments or milestones for the year. Some people would use it to write down anniversary and birthday of themselves and their family members, friends and relatives.

This is how the monthly spread looks like. I buy this planner because I like the creative and colourful design.  Below is an example of how the January monthly spread looks like:

Then there is the May spread. Each month, the designs and colours are different. Important Thai holidays and Buddhist observation dates are also included.

After all the monthly spread finishes, there would be pages below comprising of to-do lists. There are a few of these pages (I did not include all of it).

Another design, in bullet journal format:

Below are boxes with checkbox for days in a week. The page is probably useful if you have a fixed task to do on certain days of the week. For example grocery shopping on Sundays, pick up the kids from tuition on certain days, yoga class, etc,

There is also a page for monthly goals. It is already formatted and provide a year of goals at a glance. So we can just sit list down all our goals or things we wish to accomplish

At the end of the book, there is a calendar for following year. There is also a page spread for project planning for the next year where we can use it to just list down important dates. I find these useful especially when we are approaching the end of the year and there are things like doctors appointments that are scheduled the following year. It is a good place to write down while pending the purchase of a new planner.

Kinda nice, there is a message at the last page that says, “see you next year”. I like this kind of approach and feel there is a personal touch.

The additional item I have with me is my Thai calendar. That’s it, my simple planning tools for 2022:


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