How to store bedsheets and pillow covers in your guest rooms

Let’s say you have some space rooms which you use as guest rooms. Or you run a simple B&B (bed and breakfast) in out of town that does not have an extremely high occupancy rate…. yet. Or your place is located close to natural surroundings such as forest and mountains and sometimes will have saw dust from squirrels or birds that are living up the roof.

The objective in this post is how to store pillow cases, bedsheets and blankets for rooms where it is not occupied for majority of the year? If you keep the mattress bare without any bedsheet, your mattress would soon be dusty. Sometimes bugs may leave droppings on it.

Below is a very practical way of storing clean bedsheets, pillow cases and blankets for less occupied room as per the picture below:

Store pillow case, bedsheet and blanket in a lesser occupied room

This room where the picture is taken is a guest room which is not actively being occupied. First, a large cloth (black colour) that you see on top is used to cover up the bed. This is to prevent accumulation of dust. Basically to keep the mattress clean. Because sometimes you would never know what type of creepy crawlies (aka bugs or rats) that may run across unoccupied rooms. The cloth can be taken off and washed on periodical basis like once or twice a year.

Ingenious way of storing the bedsheet, pillow case and blanket.

Kindly refer to the picture above. You can see the pillow is first put into a clear plastic bag. Then the clean bed sheet, pillow case and blanket are folded nicely and slipped inside the plastic bag. This works both ways- the plastic sheet protects the pillow and the sheets. Of course this works if you have a relatively clean pillow and not one that stinks, hee hee.

Store pillow case, bedsheet and pillow

You may wonder why not just store it in a cupboard or a storeroom? Well in the case above, all the rooms does not have a cupboard. If stored in a bin in the storeroom, well each time a guest is arriving you would need to rummage through the storage boxes to look for the sheets. And if you have different types of beds such as single, queen and king size beds, you would waste a lot of time rummaging the box to search for the correct and matching bedsheets and pillow covers.

If you apply this simple method above, each time someone is going to occupy the room, you can quickly remove the bed cover and make the bed nicely by fitting the mattress with the bedsheet and pillow with the pillow case. The cloth can be placed in a holding room. As for the plastic bag- you can fold it nicely and then slip it below the mattress so that it is there when you need to use it again.

After the guest leaves, clean the room as per usual, and wash the bedsheet, pillow case and blanket. Be sure to use enough softener to create a nice fragrance. Once everything is dry, fold back the items neatly. Place the bed cover on the bed then lift the mattress for the plastic bag and then place the pillow and folded items inside the plastic. Clean the room and the attached bathroom and then the room is ready for the next guest.

I would leave you with a useful YouTube video that teaches how to fold a fitted sheet…. you know those bedsheets with elastic corners that is used to easily wrap around the mattress. I recently learned to fold these fitted bedsheet through the video below:


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