How to store away extra clothes hanger and clothes pegs

Extra clothes hangers can be notoriously hard to organize and keep. Reason being is that they tend to go all out in different directions. If you just try to stack them up, at the slightest movement the hangers would all move out of position.

Usually you would find yourself with a lot of surplus of hangers when you undergo a huge round of wardrobe decluttering. You would need to keep the hangers if you intend to buy more new clothings. Else, some people who made the firm decision to minimize their lives may choose to just dispose the hangers.

But what you need to keep the hangers because you may face a spike of visitors on certain time. For example you may be staying in your family home and few times a year all your kids and grandkids would come home to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving. There would be doing laundry and hanging clothes and you would need a lot of surplus of hangers. It then does not makes sense (and a pure waste of money) to keep buying new ones.

Or you may be a clothes retailer who would need a lot of hangers suddenly if there are a spike of clothes order. I have seen the unused hangers cluttering and taking up a lot of unnecessary storage areas in the retail outlet’s storeroom. They tend to spill to a large area since if not arranged in the same position,  they would go in all directions.

A friend of mine has a good way in organizing surplus of hangers that would be taken out and used few times a year when there is a spike of visitors. What you can is to group all the hangers of 5 consisting of similar shape and then tie up certain angles with strings:

Store away clothes hanger

After that, the hangers can be stored in places such as storage bins and cupboards. In the case below the hangers are stored in a round storage bin located near the washing machine as it would be used few times a year when there are spike in visitors resulting more laundry and more hangers required.

Store clothes hanger

Actually it is good to keep only the rough amount of hangers that you need to use outside and store away the additional hangers. This is to avoid hangers from getting dirty (from dust especially the unused ones) and gets damaged quickly. The steel hangers can get rusty and the plastic hangers can break through weather conditions such as excessive heat and sunlight and rain.

For clothes peg, the ones that needed to be used can be kept in a hanging storage bin as per below:

Organize clothes peg

The bin is attached to the drying rod and makes it easy to read and use. Again, additional clothes peg are also kept away- you can put in in a box or a plastic bag and then store them away together with the clothes hanger.

For hangers that are placed outside to hang laundered clothes, it is best to just keep them hanging at a rod or string which makes it easy to take but keep them in the shade away from the sun and rain. This is from the mistake that I learnt last time:

My past mistakes:

But in the past I have made the mistake of putting all the extra hangers outside, and cluttering my laundry area. Also after a while the hangers get discoloured due to the sun rays. And the clothes peg are hung at the drying area under the sun which causes it to damage quite quickly.

Hopefully the simple tip above with photos would help you to store away clothes hangers should you need to do so.

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