How to organise small items like sewing stuff

We are using an old Singer sewing machine- the very manual kind that is made of wood. From young, all of those little items like pins, needles, buttons, elastic bands, zippers, thread would be just placed haphazardly in the 4 drawers.

When things are kept that way, it would be hard to find your stuff because anything can be anywhere.

So, how do we solve this dilemma when it comes to organising small little items?

1. Organising rule: everything should have a home. If it doesn’t, then clutter will form. Hence we need to find a home, ie identify a fixed placement for these items.

You can buy a portable tool box and store all your sewing items in the box which you can carry around:

Sometimes these tool boxes are available on sale from hypermarkets or hardware stores. You can purchase a plastic tool box since your sewing items are not heavy.


2. Buy small inexpensive containers to contain similar grouped items.
Before you buy any storage containers for your cabinets, cupboard or drawers- ensure you take measurement of the height vs width vs depth to ensure the item you have bought fits. All you need is a ruler and you can jot down the measurement in your phone or a notepad. When going to buy your storage items, take your measuring device (for me I took along my ruler) to the store.

3. Buy clear see through containers rather than those that are not transparent…even if it means being more expensive it is worth it.

I can’t tell you how many times I had played estimate and ended up buying a storage box or container that could not fit into my drawer or cabinet. It is worth it.

Each drawers were divided according and items are nicely sorted. Small items of the same groups are put inside each container.
The example of grouped items:
1. Buttons…all shapes and sizes
2. Needles
3. Pins…to pin cloth firmly in place
4. Thread

The chaos now have a home of its own at small little containers while the larger items like zippers, elastic bands and scissors are placed neatly in the drawer.

Sample of end result:

You may also label the containers and drawers with label stickers for quick identification.

Hope this helps ūüôā

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