Creative public toilet notice designed to make people keep the toilets clean

The following poster is pinned at the back of each washroom stall that subtly motivate the public to keep the toilets clean:

Creative public toilet message

You can flush away your hopes and dreams, but not sanitary products.

While we support your dreams to become a football star, let’s not practice on the flush handle.

If you want a dry toilet, others want it too. So, keep it dry.

If we detect smoke, we’ll assume you are on fire and will break down the door to save you.

This notice is found pasted at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).  I have visited the airport a few times this year and each time when use the washroom and see this message, it always makes me smile. It’s a creative way of reminding users to be civil in using the public toilets.

Usually we have quite a bad rap for dirty and wet toilets but the toilets at KLIA are generally clean and dry. Perhaps the way of using cartoons and the urge for consideration worked. If you are having a headache managing the cleanliness of the washrooms in your office or business place, perhaps you can try something similar. Get the help of an artist or a cartoonist to draw out some pictures and add your own personalized messages to it.

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