Cheap but effective way to organize your luggage and handbag

Last month when I was travelling, I tried to figure out a way which I could organize some items that could cause chaos in my luggage bag- meaning after packing them, I would have problem locating these items in my luggage. These items are:

  •  chargers for mobile phone, netbook, camera, international adaptors, spare batteries
  • SD, media cards, pendrives (I have a number of them) and multi-card reader, small notebook
  • stationeries that includes labeling stickers, mini stapler, staples
  • small little easily missed items- clips, name cards, rubber bands, ‘minyak angin’, paracetemol and tummy ache medication
  • my premixed coffee

Usually I store them in small tote or toiletries that I’ve converted to storage bags. Yet, most of the time I would end up searching through my luggage and my carrying bag as well as all the nooks, corners and pockets for stuff which I knew I brought along but cannot remember where I’ve placed them.

When I search around the internet, I came across suggestions such as storing items in a transparent toiletries or zip lock bag. Transparent toiletries bags sold at the local pharmacies are overpriced. Whereas items can easily fall out of zip lock bags.

In the end, the solution to my dilemma came by chance: I found that putting all my items into transparent stationery cases are useful. When you place items in a transparent cloth stationery case, the stuff that you place can be seen easily:

The above are the transparent zip stationery bags that I’ve bought from Popular bookstore. They cause between RM3.95 to RM5.95 which is much cheaper compared to a single plastic toiletries bag sold at Guardian for RM10.

I neatly put in each:

  • one bag to put all types of charges (yes they do fit0
  • one bag- with two pockets to put all my pendrives, SD cards and stationeries
  • one bag to put my 3-in-1 coffee
  • another one is spare

For the first time, I could pack all my wires neatly into a bag and if I want to look for something, I just need to lift the bag up to see if the item I want is in there. When I take anything out, I make sure I put it back.  And I am able to find my pendrive (I also pack them neatly in a small envelope before I placed them inside the transparent bag).

These bags are also useful to put small brochures and items that you may have pick up from places of interest. or also to store receipts that you may be able to claim back later. So that these items does not go missing when you want to look for them after coming back.

And the transparent bag containing my pen drives, SD cards and stationeries- I could fit them neatly into my handbag which I carried up the plane. No more fiddling around to compartments to search for things.

In the market we have purse or handbag organizers- but I find these transparent bags easier to use compared to handbag organizers where items could just drop out as it is lifted up and the contents being transferred to another handbag.

If you want to look for a stationery bag to organize all your knick knacks, consider the following:

  • made of transparent materials
  • good if contain 2 compartments or more- so that you can store smaller items in the small compartment
  • need not be expensive
  • made of material that is washable- so that you can wash it when it gets dirty or dusty
  • shops selling stationery items would be a good place to look because the items are sold to students and hence tend to be less expensive.
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