Time Management

Become a morning person (tips from a lifelong night owl)

In this article, I would share on my transformation from a night owl to a morning bird. It was a necessary but reluctant change. I would also address some challenges faced that prevents a night owl from becoming a morning person. And ways to overcome these challenges. I was never a morning person. Even from [...]

Is it a waste of life to spend time on a hobby that does not pay?

NO if it is something that has given you joy and respite. Here I assume hobby means you are doing something that you enjoy. Spending time on something you enjoy doing has a nourishing effect on the mind and spirit. It is a respite from the daily demands of the world. What I consider a [...]

Should you waste time on something that you do not see results?

It really depends on what task in question that you are referring to and your level of interest in it. Suppose that you wish to become a successful blogger or YouTuber because all the ra-ra in the videos and blog posts got you super hyped up. So you go through all the steps the ‘gurus’ [...]

If you want something bad enough, make time for it

We have come to a start of the year and some of us may have some new goals or resolutions that you wish to achieve. If we reflect back, we may find that halfway through it all, we find ourselves losing the enthusiasm or that we got too distracted. If you want something bad enough, [...]

Invest in colourful erasable pens to motivate you to plan and be organized

Have you ever find yourself suffering from the planner freeze…. where you never got to start to use your planner for fear of making a mistake? For example you may feel you wanted to use the monthly spread to plan for your appointments but later find out that you wanted to use it for something [...]

Monthly spread planner vs table calendar

Both the monthly spread planner and table calendar have a similar layout- where there are column for you to write down your tasks, reminders and important dates. If you are going to choose between a table calendar and a monthly spread planner, which one would you get? Let’s look at the usability of a table [...]

Monthly B5 planner spread from Thailand- useful page ideas

Monthly planner from Thailand

As per my previous article, I mentioned that for next year I have bought a B5 monthly spread planner. It is a thin booklet size that lightweight and can be easily carried around. I find that the design is quite creative and the contents are useful – perhaps something you can consider to incorporate in [...]

Be disciplined to write down checklists and learnings after each event

Over these past few years I have gotten very disciplined in writing down checklists and learnings from events especially for those that I did not manage to plan before that. I find it is important to write down because it is going to be helpful and come in handy if you need it in future. [...]