Alternative Uses of a Cardboard Egg Holder

Uses for egg holder

I usually would buy about 30 eggs at one go. The eggs would be packed in a cardboard egg holder that is made for 30 eggs similar to the picture below: Usually I would be given two cardboard boxes- one on top and another at the bottom to cover up the eggs and tied securely [...]

Designate a place to put items for recycling in your home

It is good to instill the habit of sending recyclable items for recycling. An effective way to do this is to designate one or more spots in your home for yourself or your family members to place recyclable items such as paper, plastic bottles and glass. In our home in the past, we did not [...]

Recycle small plastic container for portable snack containers

One of the ways to avoid buying junk food is to bring health snacks with us while we are out and about. Because when we are hungry, we would tend to grab unhealthy options such as chocolate bars, ice cream and chips. In the past, I reuse a small sour plum plastic bottle to fill [...]

Ways to encourage usage of recycle bags instead of plastic bags

Recently, Animal Planet featured an interesting case study on how to get people to use recycle bags instead of plastic bags at grocery store checkout counters. At first, someone dressed in a costume made of plastic bags all tied up together to show to the customers the impact on how plastic bags literally cluttered up [...]