Articles on Organizing:

How to organize the information from books that you read

Books or journals to record notes

There is a lot of knowledge that can be garnered through reading books. Of course, there are tonnes of information freely available via the internet ie blogs and YouTube. However, the depth of the knowledge that you gain through reading a book is very different from YouTube videos, websites or blogs. This is spoken from [...]

Organize your ideas in an idea book or a journal

My thin notebooks to write everything in one place

If you are a writer, blogger or working in a creative field, you may be struck with inspiration at the most unusual places- while waiting for your train, taking a walk or just as you are about to fall asleep. Some people may jot down the ideas on whatever pieces of paper that they could [...]

How to you organize older photos/ digital prints?

Old photos in photo albums

Before the age of Smartphones and digital (now cloud) storage, we would take photos with a camera and then go and have the photos developed. You may have lots of these photos lying around at home. Wondering what you want to do with them? If you have a lot of older photos, the feeling you [...]

Organizing/storing your work tools

If you are handy person who often worked using saws, hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc, your best way of organizing and storing these items would be to hang it up on the wall of your garage like below: Hanging the tools not only saves space as it is making use of a vertical space (wall), but [...]

Organizing and storing your beads, findings and craft creations

Storage beads in compartmentalized containers

In the past, I love making craft items and therefore have quite a huge collection of craft supplies which I have bought throughout the years. Initially, I would just store beads in the original plastic packaging that they came in. However I find it hard to look for the beads and often they spill out [...]

Write down important events/ reminders in a family calendar

A calendar is useful not only for us to refer to the dates but to refer to important events and reminders. Personally I refer to a paper calendar more than I do with a digital calendar. When purchasing a calendar, I always pick one that has space for me to write down. For the last [...]

My experience in planning for festival using a planner and diary

Planning for CNY using my diary and planner

In most important event, there is usually one main person who ended up to coordinate and often do most of the things. Examples are planning for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chinese New Year and other festivals where you need to clean the house, do shopping and cooking for guests or planning for an anniversary or wedding event. [...]

Simple way to temporarily store receipts for calculation and records

Do you keep your store and shopping receipts all over the place? Ever since I realize that I have exceeded my monthly budget, I have kept a close tab my expenses. Tracking my incoming and spending each day has help me to be more mindful of my spending and hence reduce the daily expenses and [...]