Articles on Organizing:

Batching Tasks vs Doing Individually- which one is better?

Do you do your ironing and laundry all at once or daily basis?Do you cook every meal fresh or batch cook your meals?Do you complete the tasks require for a blog post one by one or you batch produce your work?When we examine further, we may find our approach may differ with each aspect of [...]

Using baskets to organize your desk and space

Organize with baskets- after

Our desks are often filled with small items like post-it notes, stationery, notebooks and planners. Left to their own devices, the mess on our table and workdesk can easily spiral out of control looking like a cluttered mess as per below: Well, there are days that my desk look worse than what you seen above. If [...]

Spring cleaning- to do all at once or break down the tasks?

What is your style when it comes to cleaning? Do you prefer to do all at once…. often waiting until absolute last minute when you cannot delay any further? Or do you break down into smaller manageable tasks? You can roughly know your own style- consistent or last minute by the following ways you prefer [...]

Organize your food serving style to suit different tastebuds

Serving salad

I have high respect for any cook in a family- because the cook would need to take into consideration the individual taste and preference of each person when it comes to cooking the dishes. It is impossible to please everyone especially when you live in a big family. And it would be overwhelming and not [...]

The Art of Getting Things Done for the Non Conforming Creative

Creative, artistic, left-handed and ADHD often share similar attributes: they are creative, non conforming and hopelessly disorganized. But when the inspiration comes, they can be the most focused, productive and disciplined person that you know. Well in life, we don’t only get to do the fun stuff. There are lots of boring stuff in between. [...]

Be disciplined to write down checklists and learnings after each event

Over these past few years I have gotten very disciplined in writing down checklists and learnings from events especially for those that I did not manage to plan before that. I find it is important to write down because it is going to be helpful and come in handy if you need it in future. [...]

Jot down your mom’s recipe…even though you hate cooking

Almost 20 years ago when my mother was undergoing radiotherapy for her tonsil cancer, it was decided that I would take over the cooking. She was too weak from the treatment to be able to continue to cook. The situation then also looked very grim as it was as if she wanted to pass down [...]

Organizing children’s toys in storage bins and as display

Displaying Lego sets in shelving

A house with kids can go into a total chaotic mess in less than 5 minutes once they start playing with their toys. It is a joy to watch them play kinda reminds us of the carefree stage of our lives or that we are able to provide the toys to them that we could [...]