Alternative Uses of a Cardboard Egg Holder

I usually would buy about 30 eggs at one go. The eggs would be packed in a cardboard egg holder that is made for 30 eggs similar to the picture below:

Usually I would be given two cardboard boxes- one on top and another at the bottom to cover up the eggs and tied securely with a string.

When I return, I would place about 20 eggs in my fridge and leave another 10 outside. We would finish the eggs outside first before using those stored in the fridge.

For the cardboard egg holders, I have found good uses of it- perhaps it can also give you an idea:

1. As a drying rack for woks, pots and pans

Cardboard egg holders are really super absorbent. When I wash large pots, it is hard to find a rack large enough to dry them. So I would usually line a few of the cardboard holders and place my pots and pans to dry.

I do my best to reduce the use of plastic. Hence I store and pack food using reusable plastic containers which can be a lot of wash in a day. I would wash and place them on a plastic strainer which I place on top of a egg cardboard holder as it absorb droplets of water very well.

After everything is dry, I would just stack up the egg holders and put them aside till the next wash.

2. As a liner for my doggie’s water bowl.

I have a water bowl placed in the kitchen for my dogs to come and get a drink. I have found placing the cardholder egg holder helps to raise the level up, and water does not get spill to the floor as would first land on the super absorbent cardboard. It also keeps the bottom of the drinking bowl clean and acts as a stable base to hold the water bowl.

I also use it as a dryer for my dogs’ bowls- after I wash the bowls I would place them to dry on the cardboard egg holder.

3. To cover up the kitchen’s trash bin

I do not use a trash bin with stepper covers as I find it quite cumbersome. When I place rubbish, or cut vegetables into the trash, I would cover with 2 pieces of egg holder to prevent flies. It is usually quite effective and it is easy to lift up.

4. For creative craft projects

Uses for egg holder

A painted egg holder makes an interesting craft project like what is pictured above.

Other uses:

The store where I bought my eggs from does accept back the egg holders for 3 cents per holder. But I usually prefer to send the extra egg holders to an old lady who does recycling. For others, you may send it to the recycling center.


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